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The sustainability – intended as financial, social and environmental sustainability – steer ahead ELLE EMME and guide it’s strategical and decisional project. ELLE EMME is a manufacturing company who aims at honest economic growth, through projects and investments who puts human capital, local community and it’s territory in first place.

Not having its own original product, ELLE EMME is a subcontractor of complex industrial production chains: We conscientiously choose our partners, looking at their sustainability, with the aim of creating long-term projects and relationships based on sustainable profitability and innovation. In line with this commitment, ELLE EMME has adopted its own “Ethical code”.

As proof of the application of those fundamentals, on February 8 2022 ELLE EMME achieved the “Legality Rating” by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM): this analysis certifies a company’s reliability from a legal point of view, according to the criteria of transparency and financial correctness.

In compliance with such, during 2022 ELLE EMME sent its main suppliers the “Code of Conduct for ELLE EMME suppliers”, asking for acceptance.

Concrete actions are undertaken to reduce as much as possible environmental impact: in 2021 ELLE EMME installed a photovoltaic system and a cooling system in the workshop, both oriented to energy savings and optimizing the consumption of natural resources.


ELLE EMME is the engine of a precise, intended and perceived social impact: it believes in dialogue between the world of education and the world of work, for over twenty years has been investing continuously in projects ranging from open days for school groups to internship for students, while participating in fundraising and donating both equipment and instruments to educational institutions.

Marconi Institute visit – PMI DAY

An optical inspection machine donated to the Bernardi Institute

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capitale sociale € 100.000,00 interamente versato

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